Edmund Callahan/Rook of Ardenay


CR 8
Male human Vigilante 8/Trickster 2
NG/CN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +8, Senses Perception +10


AC 24 touch 14 flat-footed 20 (+4 Dex)
HP 104
Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +7


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +2 merciful elven curve blade +15/+10, 1d10+13 nonlethal plus 1d6
Masterwork cold iron dagger +14/+9, 1d4+9
Masterwork silver dagger +14/+9, 1d4+8
ranged Masterwork cold iron dagger +13/+8, 1d4+5
Masterwork silver dagger +13/+8, 1d4+4


Str 20, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 16
Base Atk +8; CMB +13; CMD 27
Feats Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium, Heavy), Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Elven curve blade), Improved Critical (Elven curve blade), Improved Sunder, Iron Will, Martial Weapon Proficiency (All), Mythic Paragon [Mythic], Power Attack, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency (All), Weapon Finesse
Skills Acrobatics +9, Appraise +4, Bluff +12, Climb +6, Diplomacy +12 (+16 in social identity), Disable Device +3, Disguise +12 (+32 to portray self as current identity), Escape Artist +9, Intimidate +10 (+16 as Vigilante in area of renown), Knowledge (Dungeon) +5, Knowledge (Engineering) +5, Knowledge (Local) +5, Knowledge (Nobles) +5, Perception +10, Ride +5, Sense Motive +8 (+12 in social identity), Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +15, Survival +3, Swim +6, Use Magic Device +7
Languages Common

Special Abilities

Amazing Initiative (1/round) As a free action, use 1 power to gain an extra standard action
Hard to Kill automatically stabilize when dying, and only die at negative Constitution x2
Mythic Power (7/day, Surge +1d6) Power used to perform mythic abilities.
Shadow Stealth No stealth penalty for full speed in darkness. Spend 1 power to teleport from darkness to darkness.
Shield of Blades When power attacking, gain penalty to attack as shield bonus to AC.
Startling Appearance Attacking unaware foe makes them flat-footed and they have -4 to attack for 1 round.
Surprise Strike As a swift action, use 1 power to attack a foe in 30 ft. They are flat-footed and you bypass all DR.
Unshakeable +8 Add the listed bonus to the DC of foes attempting intimidate checks against you.

Weight:200 lbs.

Edmund Callahan/Rook of Ardenay

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