Ser Sigmund Rask

Paladin of Apsu


Sigmund’s History

Sigmund is the youngest of three children from the small but noble House Rask. Residing well to the North within the Vargoss Empire, the House descends supposedly from a group of Vargoffian barbarians who, upon encountering the Silver Dragons of the North, pledge their allegiance to the Empire and changed their ways. These stories seem to be true, a long and noble line of Half-Dragons being created from their stock. Over time though, they have changed from rowdy and uncouth individuals to a family of proud knights, serving their lord honorably and revering Apsu the Creator. Since then, they had been the vanguard against the hordes to the North and have been ready to fight against any threat that rose to challenge the Empire.

Sigmund was one of the Rask Bloodline that that had inherited the mark of the Dragons, selected for experimentation by the ancient wyrms that nested within the mountains. The magic took hold and brought into the world another half-dragon, another proud disciple to learn the ways of Apsu. Though taught with the slightly heretical view that Apsu was the creator of the cosmos, Sigmund and the many others within House Rask had served the Vargoss Empire as honorable paladins and soldiers without comparison. Few could match the wrath and skill of a half-dragon upon the battlefield, let alone a group of them.

Sigmund was raised and trained by his uncle, Reginald Rask, upon the Dragonspine Mountains. There was no better testing ground for a fledgling paladin and everyday was a struggle. Attacks by raiders, monsters, and other savage beasts were common and Sigmund was taught to tap into the draconic fury that was not an integral part of him. During one of these tasks, while training with his uncle, the two were attacked by one of the few remaining frost giants in the area. The massive being was a terrible fight, nearly killing his uncle and fighting against the inexperienced paladin. To this day, Sigmund swore that he saw a magnificent, shimmering dragon in the blizzard that shined against the hidden sun like a gem. With renewed vigor, Sigmund fought with a fierceness that would’ve brought pride to his forebears and his dragon ancestors. He held off the giant long enough for his scaly brethren to come to his aid. Destiny had marked the man though and it was decided that he would be inducted into the Order of the Scale.

Since his training was complete, Sigmund has proven time and time again to be in the right place at the right time. Whether it be stopping incursions, hunting down wicked and insidious cults, or providing protection to those deemed important enough to the Empire, his presence and abilities have been pivotal from changing a dire situation into a success. For these reasons, he was invited and welcomed to join the Manus Mysterium and serves as a member of one of their special units. He has since acted as a vanguard and as divine support for his small unit, using his unique training and skills to assist however he can.

Sigmund’s Personality

Sigmund is a lowly knight but is properly trained for etiquette and social graces, a politeness that hides the fury that resonates within him. Though he is a paladin, Sigmund understands that life is short and it must be enjoyed. He can be found flirting with bar wenches, drinking with dwarves, and even takes pranks and jabs at his training and his heritage with a small smile.

p.However, few things rile up the half-dragon except for insults towards his family line. He takes great pride in his family and House, as well as his lord’s line and their estate. Cruelty and wickedness are barely tolerated, though he has learned to toe the line just enough to keep from violating social norms and creating a scandal. This does not mean he is complacent though, trusting in his comrades to accomplish what he is not able to do to ensure that justice is done and that the Empire grows with a pure heart and soul. He personally abhors war, finding that there are no true victors when more suffering is created. He is especially vigilant for the wicked who would take advantage of the innocents who would suffer and fights tough and nail for the equal treatment of prisoners, deserters, and profiteers. However, when the truly evil show their face, Sigmund’s draconic heritage shows as he goes on the warpath to ensure their destruction and the safety of others.

Sigmund’s Goals

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Sigmund’s Enemies

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Ser Sigmund Rask

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