Campaign Background

The Vargoss and Vargoff Empires have seen peace for many generations. Several hundred years ago the Vargoff suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Vargoss that has resulted in the current boundaries. The Empires are separated by the Northern Frontier, 20 mile wide buffer zone that follows the Fellhorn River that meanders through the Dragon’s Spine.

Over the last 2 or 3 years there have been an increase in flare ups along the Frontier including several skirmishes between small military units. Over the last six months the frequency have increased and the Vargoss Intelligence service is reporting a Vargoff buildup for war. Many expect the war to come at anytime, and there are a few among the Vargoss that are concerned this time will be different.

It is into this world that the PCs find themselves. They have distinguished themselves as a unit of the secretive Manus Mysterium. Owing to their position they are aware of the increase in border incursions and the concerns that war is coming. The PCs find themselves in Shuorn, the largest city that is also the trading capital of the Vargoss Empire. They have recently returned from Barmath serving as security for a trade delegation.

Player Information

RIpples in the World is a Pathfinder Campaign set in a land on the brink of war. The PCs are special, ones that fate has decided will play a large role in the events to come. To this end each PCs Mythic Spark has ignited, but they are not freshly awakened. Their sparks ignited sometime ago and they have had time and opportunity to learn and grow in power.

This campaign will take place in the chaos of war. As a member of an elite military unit, the PCs will have great autonomy, but they will also be called on for missions by the crown from time to time. While armies gather and march to a showdown the PCs and their counterparts will race to gain advantages for their nation, stop plots, rescue prisoners and stop threats seeking to take advantage of the situation.

Campaign Background

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