Character Creation

The following Guidelines apply for character creation.

Manus Mysterium

The Characters are Part of the Manus Mysterium a secret organization within the Empire's Military. They are small groups that are used on special missions such as protecting traveling delegations, investigating foreign interference, exploring rumors and myths uncovered by other groups and generally missions requiring secrecy and discretion.

Much of the time these groups travel and receive missions by courier or other trusted agents of the Crown.

Starting Information

Starting Level: 8
Attribute: Point Buy (25 Points)
Starting Gold: 35,000
Bonus Feat: Bonus Team Work Feat (All PCs will have it)
Starting Equipment: 1 Piece of Equipment for Free
Starting Mythic Tier: 2

Additional Requirements

PCs have worked together for a long time and are considered one of the top units in the Manus.

PCs will be of a non-evil alignment


At this point all Pazio published core Pathfinder Rulebooks except Occult Adventures are available. I am still mulling Pathfinder Unchained, but I am inclined to allow the classes.

All 3rd Party products need to be approved by the GM first, except Kobold Press's Spell-less Ranger.

Character Creation

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